Half-Truths, Lies and Bullsh*t

The Politics and Practices of Ignorance

09 October - 11 October 2023, Holiday Inn Johannesburg Sunnyside Park

Welcome to the 9th annual Wits Centre for Diversity Studies (WiCDS) conference which will take place from 9 - 11 October 2023 in South Africa, Johannesburg (Hybrid Platform).

The 2023 theme is “Half-Truths, Lies and Bullsh*t: The Politics and Practices of Ignorance”.

The conference will gather scholars from different disciplines and locations of the world to critically engage with the question of half-truths, lies and bull*shit that has punctuated the present ‘post-truth’ era. The pressing global challenges of the ecological crisis, spreading pandemics, escalating geopolitical conflicts and wars, and growing social inequalities have increased the desire and the demand for truth and justice.

Scholars in the humanities, social sciences, and all fields related to diversity studies, along with activists, practitioners, and independent scholars from various parts of the world, are called upon to reflect on the political uses of half-truths and ignorance to further the ends of power and the violences that accompany it.

Globally, history has displayed performances of power, half-truths, and ignorance that have left humanity poorer and have amplified the victimhood and punishment of powerless and marginalised groups of people.

The following options are available for the event:
R4,500 - High income countries
R3,500 - Participants based in South Africa
R3,500 - Low-income countries
R4,000 - Middle-income countries
R2,000 - Student rate
R0 - Wits rate
R900 - Online participating rate